Missing Package

Don't worry I get this question all the time and It only means that your package was scanned by the USPS, they usually scan a bunch of them before actually making the delivery, they always work themselves out...

But here's some things you can do in the mean time:

  1. Check the address you entered and please make sure it's correct.
  2. Then check other doors that you normally don't use like side doors, back doors and in between screens.
  3. Check with other household members as they sometimes put things in weird places. I could tell you stories but you wouldn't believe them. 
  4. Check with the mail carrier when they come by, or leave a note, you can even call your local post office (look them up at by zip code at www.usps.com They can give you a status on it.

🥀 Sometimes they scan packages in the truck, hours before actually making the delivery and they show up even days later, sometimes they leave it at the neighbors... ask the mail carrier they usually know what they did with a package from eDeadShop.com.

✌Again don't worry it'll turn up, they alway do and if all else fails I'll mail you another one... Feel free to email and we'll work it out...

Peter Barry "Bear" Bickmore