Hi folks tell us your tour stories below...

I’m Pete Bickmore, from eDeadShop. I got mixed up selling licensed dead products in 1996 when I was one of the first vendors allowed to sell inside the show on the 96 Further Fest.

I love the Grateful Dead in all it's frenditions and I love what I do. On this blog I am going to try to write about some of the experiences I had on tour and I hope that you will too. .

I'd love to know when you first dead show was? What swung you over to the dark side? and what that experience was like...please tell about any shows or any bands that you think we'd all like to know about

thanx for taking your time and stay grateful 


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I went to LAST show that Dead did in Las Vegas at the Silver Bowl. Ray Martinez and I drove from Chino Hills, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. We were wide awake because they’re so many people who clearly on some type of hypnotic trip that we picked up the vibrations. We had the most extreme awakening. We listened to the music and saw the musics take us with the notes floating up and around the bowl!!! We thought we had left the planet. It was unbelievable!! We were there and witnessed it. We lived it and made love to everyone!! The band was just fantastic!! Love and Peace Lorraine

Lorraine Trujillo-Larkin

I got on the bus in 2/1982 with my mom’s new b/f moved in. He was an amazing artist with very different taste in tunes & my dad was a D.J. so I was very educated in music styles. Pigpen guy could hit notes that moistened my 11 year old panties!! I had no idea music could move my consciousness in such a profound way. I joined the AF in 1985 & 5 days after my service was up, I drove up the east coast to attend 13 concerts (I kinda remember 8 of them). I never got to see Donna Jean or Pigpen, but the other guys Rocked my existence to such a degree that I realized how much of a DeadHead I’d become and have Proudly identity as such💙⚡️❤️


Summerof ‘90. Raleigh, NC. I had tried LSD prior and had heard the HD. But that hot July day they landed in each other’s lap.

Had seats in the upper but saw the party going on in the field.. knew I HAD to get there. A rosey cheeked fella with a “chap-stick” tube of Tylenol® was attempting a throw to dozens of hands, but mine won.

Chest bowed I saunter down to the field showing Event Staff thestub he just saw me catch. And it was on!

I’ll say it again..
Jerry Garcia & LSD changed my life, I’ve never looked back & simply could not imagine life without ’em.

Long live Jerome Garcia & Dr Hoffman’s problem child.
Gratefully Dedicated

Les TVee

Summer of 79 a handful of friends and me went to the Glens Falls Civic Center in upstate NY. We drove through the night and got there at day break. By 10 or 11 am there were several hundred freaks in this quiet little town The local PD said we couldn’t hang out all day in the middle of town so we asked where we should go? They said “follow us” everyone that could drive loaded their vehicles and we all caravanned to a beautiful park with a lake went swimming and had an amazing sunshine daydream. About 6 pm most of the stores were closed we went back to town and had a great show. I will never forget how cool the Glens Falls PD were to us all!


The first time I heard the Dead was 1972 it was a bootleg Aoxomoxoa, very strange, not a fan. In 76 I became a big NRPS fan, I went to every show I could. 9-3-77 the Riders were playing a show with Marshall Tucker and the Dead in Englishtown NJ. I went with friends and took my younger brother. The Dead were phenomenal, Listen to Dicks Picks 15! We’ve never been the same. It’s over 40 years and my brother still thanks me


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