Grateful Dead Live at Yasgur's Farm on 8.16.69

Grateful Dead Live at Yasgur's Farm on 8.16.69

The Grateful Dead's set at Woodstock on August 16, 1969, is a show shrouded in legend – and not always for the best reasons. While some fans hold it dear, others consider it a rough night for the band.

Here's a breakdown:

Technical difficulties: The most infamous moment involved an ungrounded microphone, potentially due to tinkering by sound engineer Owsley "Bear" Stanley. This reportedly caused a jolt that knocked Bobby Weir back and injured his lip. Opinions vary, but some find the overall performance lacking polish. I Love the between song chatter (In this day and age we can skip past it if we choose) And the song choices were amazing!

Ultimately, the quality of the show is subjective. If you're curious, have a listen for yourself, and form your own opinion on this legendary – and slightly shocking – night. 

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